How Mobile Billboard Catches The Eye

The mobile billboard would have to be quite striking if, say, it was moving along at a lightning fast speed. Realistically, that is not likely. And of course, hardly anyone would have noticed. So, it is not uncommon for the practice of mobile billboard advertising to be strategically devised so as to catch the eye at all times. In other words, the mobile billboard needs to be eye catching in order to get its clients’ messages across. 

If the mobile billboard does not reach the eye of any passerby, then it is simply a dud. Mobile billboards are, however, and as a matter of course, attached to the back of a truck or loaded onto a specially prepared truck. The truck then traverses the streets at a reasonable and legally accepted speed, through busy thoroughfares within a fairly congested urban environment. Using such a truck and billboard on an isolated open country road would, of course, serve no useful purpose, because apart from the odd cow or shepherd, there would hardly be a passerby now would there.

In any case, the mobile billboard has also served its effective purpose as a stationary vehicle. What happens is this. Peak hour morning and late afternoon traffic seems the best time to deploy the board. It is strategically stationed on the side of a very busy road, not to be missed by all passing traffic. The billboard advertisement effort also extends to public transportation vehicles. Apart from the potential for revenue on the side of the billboard’s clients, those who are contracted in to haul or carry the billboards also stand to gain in terms of additional revenue.

mobile billboard advertising

Not to be missed is the mobile billboard. And at its correct speed it is still very striking indeed.