Traffic Light Colors: What Do They Mean?

When you see a traffic light, you’ll notice three colors on the unit. Red, yellow, and green are the three colors that you notice. Each of the colors on the traffic light means for you to complete a different action. Before you get out behind the wheel of car to drive, you must familiarize yourself with the colors and what they indicate. Without this information, an accident is just waiting to happen.


A red light on the traffic signal means stop. Red is the universal color to stop. The red signal indicates that people in other lanes of traffic have the right of way. Attempting to go through a red light may very well result in an accident.


The yellow light is the color of caution. This means that the light is turning red in a matter of seconds, so you should proceed through the intersection with extreme caution or you should stop the vehicle. It is safer to stop the vehicle.


A green light is the color that indicates it is safe for you to drive and proceed through the intersection. You should watch out for pedestrians, people riding bicycles, and other hazards when the light is green, even though it is your signal to go.  There may be  a green arrow that you see on the light. This is a turn signal and indicates that it is safe to turn at the intersection.

Traffic Light Matters

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